Windows sidebar news feeds not updating

In Facebook's i OS app, there's now a new News Feed preferences tool that presents you with four simple tools.

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)I rarely use the Facebook chat feature, so I thought perhaps the select list of friends was ones I email most often, but it’s not.

On the flip side, there's also an area that lets you see everyone you've unfollowed and add them back into your feed.

Helpfully, it tells you when you unfollowed them — so if someone's been in your Facebook time out for three years, you can easily know that and give them another shot if you wish.

The next two settings expand upon the "unfollow" feature that lets you stay friends with people without seeing their inane rants or horrible links on your News Feed every morning.

(You're probably just better off taking the plunge and de-friending these people altogether, but we've obviously reached a point in society where that's just too aggressive a move for a lot of people.) There's now a tool that lets you zip through all the people you're friends with and add them to your "unfollow" list — it's a lot easier than the current process for unfollowing someone.

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