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She initially filed a lawsuit against both the photographer and the magazine, but dropped the case to move on with her life.

By 1995, she was singing the theme song for , and, well, Waters was no longer feeling “comfortably numb.” The next year, Waters took the guitarist, Gilmour, as well as drummer, Nick Mason, to court to stop them from performing as Pink Floyd without him.

Two years prior, she’d posed nude for a shoot at the photo studio she worked at under the promise that she would not be “identifiable” in the photos and that they’d never be released.

The photographer betrayed her andran them without her consent, forcing her to hand over the crown.

William Frederick "Fred" Durst (August 20, 1970) is an American musician and film director.

Durst is best known as the vocalist of the band Limp Bizkit, formed in 1994, with whom he released six studio albums.

Durst was born and raised in Gastonia, North Carolina. At the age of 12, Durst took an interest in breakdancing, hip hop, punk rock and heavy metal. Leaving the Navy after just two years, Durst moved to Jacksonville where he worked as a landscaper and a tattoo artist while developing an idea for a band that combined elements of rock and hip hop.

"Caroline and Friend" is currently testing (see below), while the latter two will hit the market in August and September.

"These particular commercials are more fun than I'm used to seeing from e Harmony campaigns, but you can relate to them in a way that makes sense on many different levels for many types of people," Durst told Adage."It was a really amazing experience," he added.

The ads are titled "Caroline and Friend," "Witch/Ogre" and "Bouquet." And in addition to a more light-hearted tone, they also feature e Harmony founder and CEO Neil Clark Warren.

The Caroline character is played by an actress who appeared in a previous ad as Warren's granddaughter.

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