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Your computer's BIOS - Basic Input/Output System - is a chip on the motherboard which contains enough information to allow it to start up before the main operating system begins to load.

You can cut considerable time off of your boot time by tweaking the BIOS settings a bit. It can also create additional functionality, make your system less buggy, and improve overclocking performance.

Now you just boot from an file and it does the rest automatically. There is a mistake for MHX Nikimi (former Quantum & Maxtor) MDT (former WD) Native Hitachi (DK-xx, HTC.. The first time I unlocked a drive, the software failed to detect the drive on two more modern motherboards, until I tried a different third older motherboard and it worked. Choose “Directly Bootable ISOs or Windows XP” from the YUMI boot menu. You may restart the unlocker by typing ‘ If You Have Success In Unlocking Your Hard Drive Using This Software, Please Post Your Results As a Comment to This Page So That You May Help Others. WHAT YOU NEED: -Hiren’s Boot CD file (i used a combo of v9.2 and 14) -a dos program called ZU. This is not the bios password set on the motherboard bios, this is the Password locking the drive from IO read/writes from below the computer’s bios level. I didn’t write it, it will either work or it won’t. Google the file , and create a bootable cd or usb out of it. plug the drive into an older sata motherboard computer. set your BIOS sata controllers to the most NATIVE and non AHCI or RAID mode you can. will signal to Native Hitachi message "NOW YOU CAN SCREW IT IN. HGST Message "POWER OFF / ON AND EXECUTE ZU AGAIN".

I made this available because as a fellow I have made everything easier and more clear. Updated list of supported drives (no guarantees): Maxtor (except STM), WD, Toshiba, Quantum Fujitsu (except MHW, MHZ, MHY, MJA). Your small donation goes to offset my site server costs… Boot to the USB drive on the computer with the locked drive attached. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . IT MAY WORK ON OTHER DRIVES AS WELL So, you have a WD hard drive that has been password locked on the drives own bios, and you can’t format or partition it at all…. This sets the DOS environment and memory manager and stuff. MHDD - Press Shift F2 to view the drive properties, it should say LOCKED (Note: it may also tell you the SECURE ERASE time in minutes. From After ZU detect the drive and attack him, the PWG.

This software can be found in its bare form for free. I have only compiled and repackaged into a easy to use ready to go download. Otherwise, your drive is a guaranteed useless dead brick. :) battle with HGST on Secondary channel ZU / P8 disclaim Native Hitachi on Primary Translation Safe Mode performed in different ways.

It has not been tested on SED self encrypted drives. Seagate(with parallel flash) Grand(UX with serial flash). I tried for 2 whole days on the new systems before i moved to an older chipset and got it to work.

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