Updating 10 4 11

Bob Hunt You have the latest version of Firefox for PPC Macs and for 10.4.11, the Firefox 4 versions require Intel and 10.5.8 or higher.

For older Macs that aren't supported in Firefox 4 thru 8, try Ten Four Fox for Power PC's running Mac 10.4.11 & 10.5.8 .

You can follow me on Twitter - @Octus TC Hi everyone, This patch should be about 150mb.This document, titled "Mac OS - Update from 10.4.11 to 10.5 ," is available under the Creative Commons license.Any copy, reuse, or modification of the content should be sufficiently credited to CCM (ccm.net).Upon completion, you can view detailed reports about your connection. This HTML5 speed test does not require Flash or Java, and works on all devices including tablets and smartphones.

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