Uganda sex and dirty chats

The girls ground against each other, got down on all fours on the floor as the nearly-all male audience craned to get a closer look.It’s not often you hear a group of teenagers rapping about their periods.Sources: ILGA/AFP/SBS This week, MPs in NSW passed a soil-breaking law allowing same-sex couples to adopt children.Meanwhile, in a very different part of the world, a very different mood towards gays - in Uganda, in Africa, they're currently drafting a bill introducing draconian punishment for gays, including - almost unbelievably - the death penalty for not much more than just being gay. REPORTER: Aaron Lewis Frank Mugisha drives fast and he almost always takes Kampala's back roads.If you don’t fit in with the status quo, people are going to comment.

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But it has recently taken India off its list, where homosexuality was legalised last year, saying 'One country less"¦ may seem little progress, until one realizes that it hosts one sixth of the human population." At the other end of the scale, Argentina in July became the 27th country to recognise same-sex relationships.

Some of those countries also have registered unions for gay couples.

Sexy and silly A few days before I met Selina, I saw her on stage in a bar.

As I arrived early the ekimansulo was yet to start; two comedians danced and joked to a half-empty room.

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