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Upon arrival at the indicated location, they discover a massive dormant floating structure.Alex and two crew members, GM2 Cora Raikes (Rihanna) and CPO "Beast" Lynch (John Tui), are sent to approach the structure in an armed Zodiac.Their communications ship collides with a satellite and crashes in Hong Kong, causing heavy casualties and damage while the other four (a mothership and three warships) land in the water near the coast of Hawaii.Sampson, John Paul Jones, and the JMSDF Kongō-class destroyer Myōkō are ordered to investigate.Meanwhile, slacker Alex Hopper (Taylor Kitsch) gets arrested while attempting to impress Sam Shane (Brooklyn Decker), daughter of U. Pacific Fleet commander Admiral Terrance Shane (Liam Neeson). In 2012, Alex is a hothead and disrespectful lieutenant and Tactical Action Officer aboard the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS John Paul Jones, while Stone holds the rank of commander and the Commanding Officer of USS Sampson.Infuriated at Alex's lack of motivation to better himself, Stone Hopper (Alexander Skarsgård), Alex's elder brother and a naval officer, forces him to also sign up for the U. Alex is in a relationship with Sam and is in danger of receiving a disciplinary discharge from the Navy.

As soon as after his debut he started getting many offers working in the films and later in the year 2003 his work in The Taste of Tea is also the list of great success in his career.

In 2005, scientists discover in the Gliese system (some 23 light years from Earth) an extrasolar planet, which is named Planet G, believed to be the closest planet to Earth having conditions nearly identical to Earth.

In 2006, NASA completes the construction of a transmission device in Hawaii that is five times more powerful than any before it, and a program to contact the planet, known as The Beacon Project, begins.

However, the Sankei Sports newspaper now reports that the pair have broken up, less than one year later.

Based on information from multiple sources, the newspaper says that Asano and Naka’s relationship was the casualty of both of their busy schedules, a common cause for showbiz breakups.

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