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-- Allan Libby has seen plenty of whales off the coast of Surf City in his days as the town’s director of Tourism and Public Information.Just after 7 a.m., with the sun sitting just above the horizon, Libby and several others saw a burst of water around 1,000 feet off shore. Then, just below the surface, a whale -- or possibly two -- breached the water as it made its way south.(See a full whale hunt documented by Jonathan Harris) Fast-forward to the 1930’s.The Industrial Revolution drove the need for whale oil — an effective machine lubricant — to 50,000 whales per year. For those hunting the whales it was the time of plenty, and whales were a commodity like any other.“I’ve seen whales in my time here, but most are usually way off shore,” he said, using the 937-foot Surf City Pier as a sight measure for the whale’s close proximity.

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The lesson here is that scarcity spurs creativity and efficiency.

When a whale was caught, the Inuit held a huge party to celebrate their hunt and would utilize every part of whale — to waste anything was a religious taboo.

In their resource constrained environment, the Inuit had identified a use for every part: blubber for oil, meat for food, bone for housing or sleds, skin for vitamins or covering — they used everything.

Scarcity also happens to be something that not-for-profits (NFPs) have in spades.

Using the whole whale is not about adding work to an over-taxed staff.

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