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Russian Facebook users tend to be unacquainted with each other in real life.Odnoklassniki was founded in 2006 and is the second most popular network in Russia with about 45 million visitors – although it used to be in first place. It is similar to and allows users to get hold of long-lost childhood friends and family members.More reasons why we're hot: we go to school right beside the Eaton Centre, the fashion students on campus are a good influence on us to dress well, and our multicultural campus has resulted in an exotic cocktail of diverse beauty.

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It is considered to be a platform for remonstrative youth movements, used mainly by young metropolitan professionals with an active social position – often belonging to a political opposition.

Wamba then hopes to expand in Brazil, South Africa and Turkey.

In Russia Mamba and Wamba will operate alongside one another.

You could be talking to a dancer or a criminologist; a nurse or an entrepreneur with her own startup.

Ryerson is known for its hands-on approach to a wide variety of programs ranging from the arts, to community services and everything in between.

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