Martina hingis dating sol campbell

Listen, I’d be the first to stick the boot into the FA. Playing the race card is a pretty cheap attempt to blame the FA for your own lack of leadership attributes. Not in the sense of the versatile ball-playing central defender who can also operate in midfield.

‘Institutionally incompetent’ is how I’d describe them. Sol Campbell, you won’t be surprised to learn, has an autobiography to flog. ’ bitterness towards the FA clearly sells more copies of The Sunday Times, which is serialising his memoir, than tales of his dalliances with tennis star Martina Hingis or über-bland songstress Dido. I had the credibility, performance-wise, to be captain’, Campbell claims. Rather, he’s an introverted, sensitive soul who has battled with depression and has acquired the thin-skinned victim sensibility of a Guardian reader.

‘It was camouflaged — but there was racism in there’, he told the London Evening Standard last year.

Certainly there were unpleasant gay slurs aimed at the former Spurs defender, but, as with his latest complaints about the FA, I think he’s completely wrong to cry ‘racism’.

‘If this happened on the streets, you’d be arrested’, he told the BBC’s Today programme.

‘This is a human-rights situation.’ Campbell has even suggested that there was an element of racism in the vitriolic abuse he received from Spurs fans.

After revealing their relationship on Facebook this week, golf superstar Tiger Woods and Olympic ski champion Lindsey Vonn have leapt to the top of the pantheon of sporting super couples. Laura Trott and Jason Kenny The new stars of British track cycling won two gold medals apiece at the London Olympics, then celebrated by making their love public with a quick snog over a bottle of lager at the beach volleyball. Wozniacki has since tumbled down the rankings but their love appears stronger than the Dane’s backhand. Earlier this year the Dancing On Ice stars, Olympic champions in 1984, apparently told Piers Morgan they had ‘dabbled’ in romance. Football being football, fans did not always wish them well, with Peschisolido subjected to chants of ‘you’re s*** and your wife’s a wh***’ throughout his career.

But which other athletic liasons complete our top 10? Brady now runs West Ham, Peschosolido was sacked as Burton boss in March 2012. Chris Evert and Greg Norman The first name on this list, Evert, who won an incredible 18 grand slam singles titles, was engaged to the legend that is Jimmy Connors as a teenager before marrying the slightly less successful British player John Lloyd (0 grand slam singles titles).

Die Karriere hatte sie zwar schon beendet, doch das Liebes-Glück fand sie doch wieder auf dem Platz. Ihre Tochter Jaz Elle kam zwei Jahre später zur Welt.Martina Hingis recently filed for divorce from her husband.The former pro tennis player and recent inductee into the Tennis Hall Of Fame had enough of her husband and now he is speaking out.Her husband went on to say that Martina has never been faithful to any of her boyfriends and she was cheating on one or more of them when the two met.The Slovakian-born, Swiss-raised Hingis was the world's number one women’s singles player for 209 weeks, winning three consecutive Australian Opens, one Wimbledon title and one U.

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