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Note that this attribute can drastically affect the performance of a query since it directly affects the number of network round trips that need to be performed.This is the reason for setting it to 100 instead of the 1 that the DB API recommends. The value is either an integer specifying the number of elements to allocate or it is a list and the number of elements allocated is drawn from the size of the list.

how to update records without invalidating cursor oracle-53

If we have two textually identical statements, only one parent cursor will be created but multiple child cursors and hence multiple execution plans can be created if for example bind variables have different values/sizes for different executions of the same statement.The result of the call is the return value of the function. The sequence of parameters must contain one entry for each argument that the procedure expects.Caching has been a feature of Oracle for as long as most of us can remember.The columns OWNER and OBJECT_NAME of DBA_OBJECTS are self-explanatory.Although the OBJECT_NAME is documented to be a VARCHAR2 column of length 30 characters (even in the Oracle Database 11g Documentation), since at least Oracle8i, this column has been of data type VARCHAR2 with a length of 128!

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