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The show was retooled in March 1995 when Steve Edwards was brought in as anchor alongside Jillian Barberie (now Jillian Reynolds) as weather anchor (swapping positions with Thompson, who took over her former post reporting weather on the station's 10 p.m.newscast), and Dorothy Lucey handling the entertainment reports; Rod Bernsen took over the traffic reports from the helicopter, and Mc Ewing reported headlines from the newsroom.Unsatisfied with the demotion, Reynolds chose to leave completely in September of that year. At the same time of Reynolds' departure, frequent guest host Maria Sansone was made a full-time co-host of the program, alongside Edwards. The program is currently co-hosted by Steve Edwards alongside anchor Liz Habib, weather anchor and social media correspondent Maria Quiban, entertainment reporter Julie Chang and traffic reporter Rick Dickert. Mora left for ABC News and was replaced by Thompson and later Tony Mc Ewing (who has anchored the early morning Fox 11 Morning News since its 1993 launch).

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For both the new transplant in the city, and the longtime local who plainly just loves food, Six Taste’s walking tours hit up five or six different spots in one tour, focusing on the most edible and historical highlights of neighborhoods all over LA.

Alcohol isn't served at this throwback roller rink in Glendale -- one of the last in LA -- but that's what flasks were made for, right?

hiking -- the hikes we're referring to (10 of which we detailed here) are instead easy-breezy short ones that'll get you to I-think-I-can-see-San-Diego-from-here heights.

‘The other night I grabbed it and read ‘Drunk fan falls asleep in front row during Blazers game.’ we were alerted.’ And everyone’s gotten lazy about planning time together, as evidenced by this, spotted recently on a Tinder profile: ‘No more Netflix on a first date.’ No wonder we’re all complaining about our love lives.

The bar for acceptable night-out behavior has dropped to the floor.”So Alex Abad-Santos of Vox chimed in with an almost 2,000-word Vox-splanation titled “How Dates Got So Complicated” that itself sounded pretty complicated.

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