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'” How do you use music to help mend a broken heart? Create: Even if you’re not a musician, try parking yourself in front of a piano and fiddling around with the keys.Cupid’s Advice: Crying, chocolate and puppies have been known to ease the pain of a broken heart but, perhaps, nothing has been proven to work quite as well as music. Let music speak to you: Yeah, it sounds cheesy, but sometimes the lyrics to a song can feel as though they were written just for you. Even if it’s just a simple melody, being constructive and creative can be a great way to put the pieces of a broken heart back together. Vent: Turn off the soppy breakup songs and turn on some metal!His co-stars this season include Jack Wagner, Melissa Gilbert, Donald Driver, William Levy, Sherri Shepard, Katherine Jenkins, Martina Navratilova, Roshon Fegan, Maria Menounos, Jaleel White and Gladys Knight.After four albums of mostly self-contained songwriting, Gavin De Graw has discovered the joys of collaborating on his upcoming set, "Sweeter." But he admits it wasn't easy getting started."When you hear that album, you don't necessarily feel like you're listening to some guy in his room anymore," De Graw explains. I still wrote most of the songs on my own, but even the ones I wrote on my own were strongly affected by having been in a room with someone." De Graw feels many of the songs on "Sweeter" "ride the vulnerability spot," a tricky balance that found him writing about emotion and hoping to get "a reaction from the female listener" without chasing the guys away."There is always that risk," De Graw notes, "and trying to get that correct is a fine line.Noting that the city was the birthplace of both his career and his nightclub, De Graw expressed his love for the Big Apple.“When I look at that, I have to look at me having a bad moment a few weeks ago as just one little bump in the road, as far as this great, long journey that, other than that, has been just amazing.

For example, it is widely believed that he once dated actress Amanda Loncar, but he has never verified it. In fact, one recent incident reflected not only the values instilled in him by his family, but also his love for New York City, two influences which have molded him. There is a reason Gavin De Graw is not often mentioned in the gossip columns or tabloids: he’s boring, at least by gossip standards. Even the two nightclubs he launched with his brother, Joey — The National Underground, located in Manhattan and Nashville — were started with the intention to give young artists a venue in which to perform.

An American musician and singer-songwriter, Gavin De Graw is currently single.

He was a relationship with actress Amanda Loncar in 2004.

Gavin made his first debut album Chariot which became the theme song for the television drama series “One Tree Hill”.

Gavin De Graw has two older siblings, a sister Neeka and a brother, Joey, also a musician.

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