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There were various differences from Hoodening as it is now — for example, they did not announce when they would visit a house (but people knew it was likely to happen sometime in the week before Christmas), they collected money for themselves rather than for charity, and instead of performing a play with a script they fooled around (the Jockey tried to ride the Horse, but was normally thrown off; sometimes the 'audience' tried too, but with similar results) and sang popular songs of the period.

The team took a breather in around 1921 and stabled their horse in an attic, until it reappeared in 1965 and the custom restarted. Many of the names are unique to St Nicholas, and some have simply been created recently.

It appears that six original Hooden Horses have survived, of which only the two in St Nicholas are in use — the others are mainly in museums (see links in menu). Other characters such as the Boss's Son/Daughter have made occasional appearances, too.) George (and previously Adam).

In its current form, a small band of villagers spend around four days before Christmas touring local pubs and private parties, performing a humorous play along the theme of death and resurrection, drinking a lot of beer, and collecting some money for charity.

His writings suggest localised groups of people whose chieftains were flattered by his description of them as 'kings'.

Writing of the Britons generally in his Commentarii de Bello Gallico Caesar noted that: "..far the most civilised are those who inhabit Cantium, the whole of which is a maritime region; and their manners differ little from those of the Gauls".

Late dykes in the Kangerdlugssuaq area were emplaced over a considerable time span (43-34 m.y.) in keeping with their variable petrographic character, and the Kialineq centre was formed at 36.2±0.4 m.y. Kap Simpson and Kap Parry to the northeast were emplaced around 40 m.y.

whereas the Werner Bjerge complex is the youngest igneous activity so far identified in Greenland with an age of 30.3±1.3 m.y.

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