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My vagina has its own voice, Not vocal cords, a metaphorical voice, Spoken: Sometimes I do a voice for my vagina.

Please don't tell me I'm the only one who does that.

It is actually critical to all who live at your private home that you choose to have an setting free of infestations.

God’s phrase, as outlined by the scripture, is seed.

There are lots of unique providers these corporations can offer.

They might be able that can assist you fumigate and rid your own home of the pursuing troublesome creatures: mattress bugs, carpenter bees, rats, mice, fleas, roaches, and ticks.

Him: With a sad clown skyping via satellite Her: Damn skippy home slice, sing it with me all night. throwawa 08 points 2 hours ago You two look like the kind of assholes who bamboozle a subreddit.

Sex how you want, it's your goddamn right Chorus Cause my sex junk, is so Oh Oh Oh, Much more than either Or Or Or Get off your soapbox, get off your soapbox, My sex junks better than Bagels with lox With lots of schmear [audience cheering] Bill Nye Ha ha ha, that's exactly the right message, Rachel! Let's start with Yoga Pants on the right with his Pizza Hut stained cowlick.

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