Dating rca victor records

How do I get the motor to stop banging and thumping? With this information, the reader can get a general approximation of worth from the "PRODUCTS" link on the home page. Victrolas were made from 1906 up through 1929, when RCA bought the company (and became "RCA Victor") Q. This website only covers products from The Victor Talking Machine Co. To get a rough idea of value, the reader is asked to determine the model, serial number and finish.The Victor Company and its successors made no Gilbert and Sullivan recordings of any note, except the three sets on so-called long playing discs of the Victor Light Opera Company's H. However, the worldwide importance of the recordings and related activities of the Victor Company impels the writer to present a detailed study of the matrix number systems used by them.

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For example, 'Sugar Sugar' by The Archies, recorded in early 1969 at RCA's New York studios and released on the Calendar label which later in '69 changed its name to Kirshner, bore a master serial number of XYB1-3908.(For example, while Elvis recorded 'Relax' at Radio Recorders on September 22 1962, the master serial number PPA3-2726 was assigned by RCA Hollywood sometime in early 1963).Whenever tracks with such codes were released on 45, the third and fourth characters were supplanted by KM for mono 45s and KS for stereo 45s.Their three main (others in Terre Haute IN, Pitman NJ) pressing plants were based in Chicago, Nashville and New York, and are identifiable by the stamped in prefix to the number in the deadwax: The job numbers which follow the ZTSC, ZTSP, ZTSB codes were allotted out of the offices in the Fisher Building in Detroit, and were often allocated in batches.Columbia Special Products Detroit office was first located in the Fisher Building during the mid '60's.

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