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Hubot is written in Node.js, using Coffee Script, which is a Java Script wrapper that resembles Python and aims to remove the shortcomings of Java Script and make use of it’s wonderful object model.

Following the tradition of Hubot, all scripts in this book will be written in Coffee Script, but you may use Java Script, simply name your scripts with Hubot can do anything that can be done with

Let me start by saying, as with everything, I am somewhat knowledgeable already but not nearly a professional and I have done hours and hours of asking pros I know questions and researching online before compiling a post.

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We are moving into the home I purchased and so many have helped out with projects on so far here, one to go before it's "wife ready." Internet and TV. (707)**Because of the Break and then the Heart, the two cancel each other out awarding you no hearts for this answer. (Email from lolol) Selection 4You just fell for the games company’s evil master plan. So, we set city to be the first word that comes after “weather in”. If we would construct the query string ourselves, we would need to worry about URL-encoding special characters, but since we’re passing an object, it will be taken care of for us.Final request will be made to following url: , and provide a callback function to handle the response.

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